Sensory overwhelm

New York is spoiling us. It has been 4 of the most intense, amazingly sensory overloading days here. 4 full days of look, look over here, feel this, taste this. All to a backdrop made up of distinct New York sounds and warming sunshine on our cheeks. Sensory overload in the best possible way.

2013 seems a long time away, but in the blink of a eye, it is going to be with us. I feel so inspired to compose a goal for this next chapter. A goal about aiming higher, getting out there more, do more crazy stuff, visit new places, try new food. Walk bare feet in snow, eat chili ice cream, watch the sun dance at midnight. That sort of stuff. Teach my children to go to the brink of soft sensory overwhelm and back. Again and again. Who’s coming?


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