Bucket list

Mildly dazed and slightly time difference woozy we are exploring New York. It has been just over 20 years since I was here last, which seems like a lifetime ago. Returning here kick started a flow of fun and exciting and take your breath away memories (and ok a few embarrassing ones too, but I was young and a very naive, very small town girl), but it also made me realise that it might be a really good idea to make a bucket list for the next 20 years. A list over must visit places and must seek out experiences. It could even be kept in company with a “what I want to learn in the next 20 years” list. Yup, that I will do. As soon as my body catches up with my watch and I can stop inhaling coffee to keep me awake for tonight’s river cruise and a close up with The Statue of Liberty. Crazy New York days, really. Exciting, crazy New York days.

ps. Sorry for the boring photo. Am unable to transfer the nicer ones from the camera to the I-pad. This one is from our hotel window.


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