How are you showing up today?

Did you set your intent this morning when you woke up? The ever enthusiastic Chris Evans’ happy chatting on the radio distracted me so much I had to hit the mute button. So sorry Chris!  As the kids were still sleeping or – as it turned out – fully immersed in reading Harry Potter and learning to speak “snake”, I had a few quiet moments to reflect on my intent for the day. It is going to be a busy one, but busy in the good way. There are thoughts to be thought, preparations for this afternoon’s coaching sessions to be done, eyes to get tested, hair to get cut, cards to be written, pictures to be edited and best of all brand new blogging related homework from Holly Becker’s Blogging your way e-course for me to do and an evening with good friends to be had. My intent for today is…..well, to be energetic, focused and soft in just that way that allows me enjoy it all. Did you set yours?


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