To begin a brand new day

Consider for a moment what would be different if you began each day by setting your intent. It could sound something like “My intent for today is to smile more and notice little things I am grateful for in my life” or “My intent for today is to be enormously productive and focus on task X” or “My intent for today is to truly engage with my kids and spend at least one hour doing something I love”.

By setting your intent at the beginning of a day you clarify how you want to show up and meet the world. It becomes your map, allowing you to navigate more fluently towards your desired outcome.

Come night-time it is hugely rewarding to notice showing up the way you intended to, achieving what you intended, smiling the way you intended. And if for some reason you accidentally misplaced your map or turned left when perhaps you should have turned right, tomorrow fortunately always shows up with 24 brand new hours.


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