It’s like cloud watching from a slightly springy bed of grass, running downhill “Laura-Ingalls-Little-House-on- the-Prairie” style or being in that cosy spot outdoors, just between sleep and awake where sounds are hushed.

These are places I am taken – if only for a few seconds – whenever I breathe in the lavender scent from our new washing detergent. It seems crazy, but it is none the less true. One whiff of newly laundered clothes and I am off to faraway places with eternal lingering sunshine and humming bees.

While in France this summer we happened to be near Durance – it is a river, but also the name of a fragrance and cosmetics company in Provence. It is nestled between olive, grape and lavender fields and their products….. ah, pure bliss. I instantly loved the brand and its dedication to using only natural ingredients. And the smells. Just amazing.

This may come across as an ad for Durance. It isn’t. It is me enthusiastically encouraging you to think about what scents you have around you and how it affects your state. I never really thought much of this before, but now that I have noticed Ariel’s and Persil’s powerlessness to take me anywhere, I am going to pay a lot more attention to the scented products I bring into the house. It is so worth it when you get to join the Ingalls girls even for the briefest of moments. So while you take a moment to consider if I have perhaps lost my marbles, I will just skip over to the coffee table and sniff my Durance Peach candle.


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