Sitting in a beautiful linen covered chair gazing at olive trees, every inch of me overjoyed by the continued presence of the sun (in France) I am reflecting on the questions about what to do to recharge and about giving yourself permission. 5 weeks into the school holiday I can now tell you what has worked well for me. The key words being “letting go”.  Little by little I have let go of many of the self imposed rules we normally live by in our little family. The focus is simply on being. Just being. Breathing, eating when hungry, sleeping when tired and in between having fun or serious conversations depending on moods, reading books, playing games, swimming. I have let go of analysing why some (unfortunate, sad or negative) things are the way they are and instead simply acknowledged that it is what it is and no amount of analysing will change that. I have let go of trying to come up with solutions and answers. Of planning and fixing.

Although more sleep, beautiful surroundings and loads of vitamin D has no doubt lavishly recharged me, I think giving myself permission to “let go” has had the finest impact of all. I feel the rewards arrive as free flowing ideas – as more purposeful and generative thoughts. And best of all they excite me. Make me look so much forward to putting things into motion, change perhaps how I approach certain things, edit our family rule book (come to think of it, I am not sure who wrote our previous one), put more focus on things that matter like friendships, authenticity and being. And breathing.


Do you allow yourself to let go some times?



3 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Bonnie, I came across your links on the Surrey Mummy website, not realising it was you! This is such a beautifully written blog post (if that is what they are called?) and for me, it really resonates. There is definitely a rule book in our house, mainly imposed by be, and I could really do to let go of these, especially at weekends. I’m going to read back now…..
    Beautiful photo of your big boy at the bottom….what a handsome chap!
    Kindest regards,

    • Viki, what a nice surprise to find you here today. Thank you so much for your feedback – it is always good to hear how my posts (yep, I believe that is the correct blog phrase) are received and if I have succeeded in stirring some thoughts or provided ideas for reflection.

      Have fun experimenting with letting go of your house rules. So far I have found that no disasters have occurred as a result and am keen to see what happens if I ease up on additional ones. Especially the ones that I blindly copied from others without questioning the validity.

      Let me know how it works for you. All the best.

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