Question #4: About being at your best.

What do you feel, notice, think and say to yourself when you are at your best?  What’s different from a day when you are at your worst? Have you ever really paid attention to and been curious about the contrast?

If I am at my best in the context of school summer holiday you would be able to see me being fully present in the now, spontaneous, enjoying the little things, shoulders positioned in their rightful, unfamiliar place, feeling content and nourished. You would also be able to observe me glide effortlessly and magically into efficient, big picture, organising mode jumping over obstacles with ease.

In my “being at my best” mode I am able to be creative and engage my kids in activities that override the lure of anything electronic with a screen. I am able to stop and think before the words “not now” slip out of my mouth. I am able to be at ease with my to-do list. I am able to breathe deeply and as I do that my shoulders sink down just that little bit more.

Just writing this puts me in a better state. Other steps I plan to take to promote “being at my best” will follow in the coming days. How are you when you are at your best?


3 thoughts on “Question #4: About being at your best.

  1. I couldn’t have put it better! That is exactly my state of mind. Just need to work on how to get from worse to best as fast as possible!!

  2. When I am at my best I can be a really fun mummy where anything is possible. In that frame of mind I am a “never mind” and “of-course-you can” kind of mummy. A happy, kind, calm, in control yet at the same time relaxed mummy. That mummy sounds a bit like this … “Oh dear, you spilt your blackcurrant drink on the floor! Never mind lets clean it up together, thank you sooo much for helping”, “Oh dear that’s the fourth wee you’ve done on the carpet this morning, never mind, don’t you worry, mummy will clear it up”, “oh, you’ve emptied the whole contents of the shelf onto the stairs and now you’re making a shop? That looks like fun, never mind, we’ll sort it all out later. How much would you charge for the car keys?” “Oh, you want to take those boxes into the garden and paint them, now? of course you can, lets go and get our aprons on”, “You’d like to make some cakes, of course you can, we’ll do that after breakfast!”, “You’d like to go swimming today – of course you can. Lets get our things ready and I’ll find out the times”. I like to think that this ‘mummy’ is around fairly often as I heard my four year old daughter say to my two year old after she’d spilt her fromage frais all over her clothes, “Never mind, shall I go and get you a clean one from the cupboard, don’t worry about it darling!”. On those days when when grumpy, tired, snappy, frustrated mummy is at home it’s good to try and focus on those positive moments and better days!

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