Questions #3: What do I need in order to reach my goals?

Whenever you are pursuing a goal or a change, a good idea is to get clear about which structures will help you achieve your outcome. Structures work as reminders, helping you to stay on course, create new patterns or habits and deliver support when your willpower battery is running low.

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One of the things I found difficult to come to terms with when I first became full-time mum was lack of structure. Actually I didn’t just find it difficult, I found it extremely difficult. It took a lot of adjusting on my part, many reflections about values and a determination to somehow sculpt our daily life into something we could all thrive with.

The change has been successful; however I now find that I am perhaps a bit too much at ease with flexibility and fluidity. The time has come to re-introduce some discipline and structure and this little summer planning exercise will be a good place to start.

Below is my list:

  • Keep using my diary.
  • Each morning write down 3 goals for the day. Review in the evening. Needless  to say that the 3 goals must serve the achievement of overall summer goals.
  • Keep a really good stock of picnic friendly food.
  • Create a summer basket which is to house sun cream, sunhats, sunglasses, swimming costumes, picnic bag, picnic blanket and any other essential outdoorsy item that we generally take with us. (e.g. water guns, plasters for bumped elbows and knees, ice cream money)
  • Have at least 3 day time play/picnic/get together dates planned per week.
  • Plan a few child free evening get together dates with friends.
  • And finally….. Keep a pile of interesting books in full view and ehem…. one of crochet wool. (Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I have a secret identity as a granny). Flick through my “would like to make” craft notebook often.

Have you given some thought to which structures might be helpful for you? Do share if you like.


2 thoughts on “Questions #3: What do I need in order to reach my goals?

  1. Love your idea of a summer basket! Visiting from BYW…your blog really grapples with a lot of my own dilemmas…work/family life balance is really hard for a lot of us!

    • That summer basket was brilliant, if I may say so. It just made it so easy to get out the door. Definitely a keeper for next year. Appreciate your comment about the blog. I am hoping I can write successfully about topics that are relevant for lots of women.

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