Summer holiday goals 2012

Coaching sessions this morning and an afternoon spent at Waitrose’s Headoffice (btw even their staff tea cups are fabulous) with a brilliant NLP practise group has left me in a slightly dazed state. There is only so much change work one can cope with in a day, I guess.

I did say however that I would answer my own coaching questions, so here we go. My 3 goals for this summer.

# Achieve a balance where at least 60% of my time is spent in slow, relaxing or creative mode and 40% time is spend in efficient, organising or productive mode. I often seem to drift and end up feeling neither productive or relaxed. If it is too muddled up, it somehow seems like time wasted. I want to experience what it will be like to have a more clear distinction, which I am convinced will  result in having more of both.

# Goal 2 is all about spending as much time as possible outdoors. Cooking, playing, crafting, cycling, climbing, walking, reading. I imaging this will be so easy to achieve while in France. I cannot wait for us to feel warm sand between our toes and snuggling up with that slightly prickly salt-water and sun kissed sensation that for me signifies a happy summer. The real test will be to achieve the goal in rainy UK. However, as hard as it sometimes is to get everybody out and about, I know it is worth it. It means less time spend on passive entertainment like computer and tv, less arguments, more fun, more adventures and lots more excited smiles at the end of the day.

# Keep it simple is perhaps more a mantra than a goal. Never the less, it is what I want to live by this summer. What are some examples? Well…. have you ever had the experience of spending what seems like the whole morning preparing for a lunch time picnic? Or inviting friends over for a casual dinner and somehow getting your head into a spin  planning the details. Or feeling exhausted from trying to predict and pack every single item that could potentially be needed for a single night’s stay at your uncles Bob’s house? Yes? Good, I think you may have an idea about what it is that I want to achieve. More go with the flow. Forget about the details. Improvise. Take short cuts. More KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

That’s it from me for today. What are your summer goals?


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