In my wheelbarrow last week.


Reminding myself about all the things that happened last week that made my heart beat faster out of joy. In random order:

:: Receiving an invitation to write regular coaching features for Surreymummy.

:: Hearing the greatest of news from a great friend.

:: My 8 year old son independently and at his own initiative preparing breakfast in bed for the whole family.

:: Having Pringles as a starter for breakfast!!

:: Booking a VERY exiting business meeting.

:: For once getting presents sent in time to arrive BEFORE the birthday.

:: Eating the best ever home made smoked salmon pizza. Recipe from here Valdemarsro. (Sorry, it is in Danish).

:: Meeting up with the best “Business-start-up-support-each-other-group”.

:: Fitting in a bit of exercise every day and sleeping like a log.

:: Being offered a fantastic learning opportunity this coming autumn/winter.

:: Watching the sun set from a beautiful spot on the Surrey Downs with a dear friend and a lovely bottle of wine.

:: Being at the receiving end of a sweet gesture from a very talented and kind photographer.

What went in yours?


One thought on “In my wheelbarrow last week.

  1. What a lovely idea, to gather together all those positive things in your life (it’s so easy to remember the negative, isn’t it…). I’ve done the same and my list includes an exciting day on a course; meeting some new interesting, creative people; a lovely shopping trip with my daughter; a cosy night in with a take-away and a bottle of bubbly; a party with old friends; two lots of really good news from people dear to me; and yes, a really energising and supportive meeting with my favourite business group. Just writing this down makes me feel that lovely bubble of joy all over again. Thank you 🙂

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