When 2 and 2 equals 5

Recently 4 very creative and talented self-employed women and I made a pact. We were going to meet once a month to be each others sounding board on business matters big or small. But we end up doing something grander than that. We help each other to be brave. So brave that we just can’t help pursuing our passions and ideas.

We have met twice so far. Holy mackerel – magical things seem to happen right in front of your eyes when you place five supportive and enthusiastic brains around an old, plain, slightly scruffy dining table. Inspiring and ambitious business plans find their way to paper, truly amazing and beautiful websites are launched at record speed and together we are venturing in to our individual unknown territories a little less fearful – a whole lot more excited.

Synergy – just love it.


3 thoughts on “When 2 and 2 equals 5

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