Spring cleaning cyberspace

It must be the blissful appearance of the sun that makes me long for lazy picnics, the smell of sun cream covered kiddie cheeks, bare feet in dewy grass and the semi-sweet sensation of those goose bumps that always follow the sun setting. I dream of a more laid back way of being and of time spend outdoors with great friends.

With this follows a strong urge for simplicity and mental spring cleaning. This week I somehow felt it was the time for spring cleaning my on-line network. I have therefore:

–          Cancelled a number of newsletter subscriptions.

–          Waved goodbye to some memberships of on-line communities.

–          Un-friended (so to speak) a number of people on facebook.

–          Deleted blogs from my bloglist.

The criteria I used to decide what stays and who goes was what happened to my state of mind when thinking about the specific person, blog, group etc. The question I asked myself was, do I feel excited, neutral or somehow drained? Anything or anyone in the latter group had to go. Even if it made me feel slightly disloyal, I tried to stick to a no-mercy-this-spring policy. Hand on heart, I couldn’t follow that 100%, but it certainly feels lighter and airier around here.

Yup. Spring cleaning. Gotta do it from time to time.


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