The cleanest worktop in town

During my first maternity leave I felt more restless than a cat in front of a fish bowl. I was used to the whole routine of heading for the shower, heading for the office, a day full of projects, meetings and fairly sensible conversations. Knowing no one in my new neighbourhood it was suddenly just me and junior. On our own. For 12 hours a day. With nothing specific to do aside from cuddling, nappy changing and having animated debates about current affairs and what to cook for dinner.

Oh, we did of course go to the local Sainsbury’s a lot, but there is only so much fun to be had there. And it gets a bit expensive in the long run.

“What to fill my day with then? Hang on, there is a crumb there. Let me just wipe that away. Wipe, wipe. Yes, that’s better. Hmmm, perhaps I could go to the common and discretely bump into other women with prams. Have a little chat. Nah, who are you kidding. They have got better things to do that chat with you. Hmm, maybe I could watch a movie. Nah, come on lazy woman – you ought to do 6000 sit ups instead. How else are you going to get rid of that jelly belly, eh? And what about those pelvic floor exercises, eh? Hmm, okay then. Perhaps I could have a go with that oil painting kit from Christmas 3 years ago. WHAT, get a grip, will ya? Utterly pointless. You stink at anything creative. Okay, okay calm down in there. Hey, what’s that? Did I miss a crumb? MUST get that one. Wipe, wipe. Oh well, might as well do some dusting. At least I will have done SOMETHING useful today!”

Fast forward 8 years and I still have rather clean worktops. The big difference is that I no longer have that ultra aggressive, mega critical roaring voice in my head. I wiped it out for good a couple of years back. Wipe, wipe… gone. What a relief.

{Note1: Its siblings are still with me. They can be harsh, but are generally much nicer}

{Note2: I still have doubts about my creative skills, but I take so much pleasure from the process of creating and THAT’s what really matters}


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