New shoes

I’m not the most social creature on this planet. Don’t get me wrong. We are not talking hermit status here – but I do enjoy spending time on my own and definitely prefer quality over quantity when it comes to friendships and social occasions. Having said that I still manage to bump in to new people all the time. People, who have in them certain qualities that I greatly admire. It could be that they are so very approachable, grounded, confident, energetic, positive, creative or simply inspire me with the way the use words or the food they can cook.

I used to think they were lucky to have been granted such gentle personalities, those fantastic people skills or that amazing positive spirit. Then contemplating if I was somewhere in the back of queue or absent on the day that particular quality was dished out! To be perfectly honest I still think they were lucky (hey, I am not a saint), but instead of grumbling about my perceived shortcomings, I exploit the fact that there is no copyright on admirable skills, mindsets or behaviours.

My aim is to work out what it is, that they do, that makes the difference? How do they see the world, what do they believe in, what are their values, how do they use language or their bodies when they are doing what I admire? What is it that makes them stand out for me? Once I get a sense of that, the copying can begin. I can try it on, have a taster session, walk a bit in their shoes, and see if they fit me. I don’t have to become just like them in every way, but if the shoes that I admire fit, I can very well choose to walk or run in them whenever it suits me. It is a fast way of inviting more of what you want for yourself in to your life. And who knows – those new shoes may even help get us unlucky ones to the front of the queue next time around.

Have you got some shoes you want to try on?


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